Is Helping Startups Become Unicorns your Dream?

Retainly Marketing Automation is also doing the exact same. Lets join hands and help more Startups evolve into better businesses.

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Exclusive Partnership Program for Startup Incubators and Co-Working Space Providers.

Give more value to the startups under your umbrella. $100 of Retainly Credits for each and every startup you incubate.

Plus, 20% of all the Recurring Revenue that your startups spend on Retainly, goes to you. Livelong.

Why Should you Join Retainly's Affiliate Program?

You have been helping startups grow phenomenally by providing them advice, office space, industry connects, their first potential customers, and so many other important pedestals for those new and enthusiastic people.

Every startup needs to optimize their costs, and especially when it comes to 3rd part tools, your support orients around guidance alone.  But no more. Now you can offer special $100 worth of Credits to all the startups you incubate and nurture. They will be even more thankful to you.

And while you are helping them, no harm in a little helping yourself too. What say? Becoming a member of Retainly's Affiliate program will earn you a clear 20% revenue for every startup that signs up using your unique referral link. All links are tracked automatically and all payout are also done automatically. You get a real time view on your revenues as well. We do not have any manual intervention, unless otherwise, there is a dispute from your end, which we will resolve promptly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not an Incubator or Co-Working Space Provider? Can I still join your Affiliate Program?

Off course you can still join the affiliate program. But you will not be entitled to the $100 Credits. You can start earning the 20% referral income.

Is there a discount that I can offer to attract more Referrals?

Retainly is the most affordable email marketing automation platform. We do not offer discounts usually. But if we do, such discount codes will be distributed to you as and when we run a campaign.

What if I do not have a PayPal Account?

We can still transfer your earned income via Wire Transfer. Additional transfer charges will be deducted from your income.

What platform is used to manage your Affiliate Program?

Retainly's Affiliate Program is supported and managed by Paddle.

How frequently will you transfer my income?

We usually transfer all affiliate incomes on 25th of every month provided you have a minimum $100 income credits. Incomes can also be transferred upon your request if you earn larger amounts more frequently.

Apply for the programFree

Once approved, you will get a unique referral link, that will automatically track all your signups and revenue. Payments are also sent automatically.

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