Chatterbox. Live Chat with your to-be Customers straight from your Slack

Beautiful Live chat Interface for your customers, and your known Slack App for your Agents. Unlimited Agents.

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All of them just have good things to talk about Retainly and its Revolution

Just Add to Slack

All you need to do is paste the Chatterbox script on your website or application wherever you intend to offer live chat. Then click a button to add to Slack. Voila, all your Slack users can now respond to live customer interactions from their Slack Channel. This is real Growth Hack. 

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Visitor Details

See detailed visitor demographics like location, IP, Name, Email, Last Touch Point, and more

Customise Widget

Select your own Brand Colours, Custom Messages, Button Shape, and more.

Triggered Callout

Write your own Callout Message to attract visitors into Chatting. Page-wise Callouts available.

Lead Engagement

All Chat Leads stored in a Dynamic Segment allowing you to retarget and engage them for conversion.


Customer Contacts in your Segment, Automatically

Whats more? You never lose the contact details of your Chat visitors. All contact details are automatically added to your #chatterbox Segment.

Engage them with marketing automation ensuring that they convert into paying customers. Cool?

  • Amazing product, a turnkey solution to manage SaaS customers retention
    Fayssal Jilani
    CEO, Telematik
  • Very useful features and great support, Must tool to have for lead generation.
    Santosh Thota
    Founder/CEO - FeltSo
  • Perfect email automation provider for all internet businesses
    Shimpy Parmar
    Marketing Head, IPA Technologies

I now Pronounce you Man and Customer 😀

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