Email Marketing Automation for Bloggers & Internet Business

We Lied 😜. Not just email, but choose multiple platforms to engage your prospects and customers using email, SMS, Push and In-app Notifications.


Auto Sync Subscriber Information

Now you have a single Gold Copy of your subscribers that automatically syncs with every other 3rd party application you use to acquire subscribers. Popups, Events, Forms, Surveys & more. Use Promobox to embed your subscription form even inside your Medium Posts or pin it to your Twitter Profile.

Static & Live Segmentation

You can create static lists that will store your subscriber's information based on your source of acquisition. You can enable event tracking with which you can create dynamic segments of subscribers that keep moving automatically based on their behaviour. Micro Segmentation using Tags that can also be manually added or removed.

Blasts, Drip and Behavioural Campaigns 

You can send email blasts and newsletters to a list, create a drip campaign using email or SMS, and trigger notifications based on subscriber activities on your blog or website - automatically. Send Real-Time and only Relevant Marketing Communications. More Info

Understand your Customers Better, take Informed Decisions

Retainly provides you with micro details of your lead's and customer's behaviour & traits. Program the Bot to take informed decisions based on these behaviours. 

  • Engagement Score

    Proprietary algorithm to automatically generate a customer engagement score based on their actions and events on your application.

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  • Rank

    Proprietary algorithm to generate a unique rank for each of your leads and customers based on their engagement with your business.

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  • Segment and Engage

    Use Engagement Score and Rank to Micro Segment your Leads and Customers. Engage them for higher conversion, Cross-Sell or Up-Sell.

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Detailed Analytics

For better Decisions

Double Opt-in Lists

Option to Activate Double Opt-in


More than 20 Personalisation Fields

Buyer Personas

Automatic Buyer Personas

Convert Leads & Retain Customers, Automatically

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