Loyalty & Rewards - From Token to Automation Platform - Live & Flourishing.

The first revolutionary concept to have insipired a few more. $200B Market Value to crack.

1800 Merchants as Active Partners who keep buying RETN to give you Cashback as rewards.
56K Active Consumers purchasing from these merchants with Active RETN Wallets.
RETN Total Supply 700 million
Why is Retainly
Platform unique?
  • World’s 1st and only marketing automation platform that caters to all marketing objectives - Leads, Nurture, Behavioural, and Retention (with Loyalty).
  • Retainly has been commercially available since March 2017 and rapidly becoming the 1st choice of businesses.
  • Only loyalty platform that can allow merchants to reward customers using cryptocurrency
Why is RETN Token
the next big thing?
  • With rapidly growing merchant base, more and more merchants will give loyalty rewards for purchase using RETN Tokens.
  • In 1 month of going live with RETN Deals, 56K consumers have signed up and activated their RETN Wallets.
  • With the target of acquiring 3 Million Consumer in 2018, RETN will become the most traded coin in the history of altcoins
Token sale is Over

We sincerely thank you for your trust on Retainly. This ICO is now over. Connect with us on Telegram to stay updated with further news.

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Business vision

Building the World’s largest rewards network by connecting Merchants and Consumers over the blockchain. The RETN Coin has already become the synonym for Rewards. With more merchants partnering with Retainly Inc. every week to offer massive discounts and cashback rewards, the consumer is able to double their savings for the same goods they purchase. 1800 Merchants and 56K Consumers are already connected via RETN Deals and we have just started accelerating the speed. Join RETN Deals today to benefit from Retainly’s innovative rewards platform that instantly gives you RETN Coins for purchases made from your favorite stores.


Decentralized Token Management

One Click Wallet Refill for Merchants

One Click Redeem RETN for Customers

Built in Screening and Fraud Protection System

Entire Reward program runs via Bot.

Built for all Online Businesses.

Trackable Ledger for both merchants & customers.

Gamification included like levels & leaderboard.

Q4 2016

  • Conceptualize The Product

Q1 2017

  • Product Blueprint
  • Technical Architecture
  • Market Validation
  • Brand Activation

Q2 2017

  • Beta Launch with 500 Customers
  • Product Refinement
  • Commercial Launch
  • Drip & Behavioral Marketing Launch

Q3 2017

  • Launch Notif Lead Acceleration
  • Acquired 800 Customers

Q4 2017

  • Launch Chatterbox
  • Acquired 1200 Customers
  • Virus Launch
  • ICO

Q1 2018

  • Launch Collie - Reward Center
  • Launch RETN Deals

Partner Merchants

Working relationship with more than 500 Merchants offering RETN Cashback as Rewards.

Smart contract



The team of 10+ experienced professionals with outstanding track record in Global Internet projects:

Team members

Palash Bagchi
CEO & Founder
Responsible to Launch the World's fastest growing Marketing Automation Platform.
Rajesh Pandurangan
Technology Head
Software Architect and Full Stack Developer. Blockchain and Smart Contracts Expert.
Soujanya Kurelly
Marketing Manager
Taking a Hyperloop from Digital Marketing to Blockchain. Keeping both connected.
Anand Pal
UI / UX Designer
If Mr. Bean gets confused inside my App, I have Failed. Love UI and UX, gives me my kick.
Avinash Animalla
Software Developer
Training my muscles to write codes faster. Blockchain enthusiast.
Ravindra Nani
SEO Executive
The best place to find a dead body is in Google Page 2. Love to see my pages soar higher and reach the right audience.
Revoori Saisharanya
Marketing Executive
Digital marketing is very hot space now, and I thrilled to explore and implement new strategies in it.
Sai Kiran
Marketing Executive
Marketing is my fantasy. I love to dive deep in digital marketing.

Advisory Members

Manan Mehta
Blockchain enthusiast | ICO Advisor
ICO Advisory, ICO Investing + Book-building
Alex Yastremski
General Counsel | ICO Advisor
ICO Legal Advisory, General Counsel
Vishal Tulsian
FinTech | ICO Advisor
ICO Predictive Analytics, Data Science
Navroop K. Sahdev
Blockchain expert | Economist
Blockchain Business Advisor

Fund Deployment

  • 63% Marketing
  • 15% Employee Related
  • 22% Operations

Token Distribution

  • 45% Presale
  • 15% Crowdsale
  • 20% Privatesale
  • 5% Bounty
  • 15% Reserve


Many businesses can triple their sales by just keeping track of their FOMO. It is important, however, that you choose a good marketing automation solution that more specifically caters for Internet-based enterprises such as Notif from Retainly.read more
Tools like Retainly has helped both Primary and Progressive Internet Companies to achieve scale by automating Lead generation, Lead Capture, Lead Nurture, Lead Conversion, and Customer Retention (Churn Reduction, Cross-Sell/Up-Sell). Retainly provides automated Customer Engagement Score built with a proprietary algorithm that predicts which customers are going to Churn and which leads are more probable to conversion.read more
With the massive community built by Retainly and the enormous value that RETN Deals brings to the table, it is no doubt that RETN will become one of the most successful cryptocurrency. Under the leadership of experienced leaders and advisors, Retainly Inc. is all set to become the next major disruptive startup.read more


Learn more

  • What is Retainly?

    Retainly is the First Marketing Automation platform to Tokenize Rewards. Retainly is already disrupting the marketing automation space, and with Virus Referral Marketing, plus Collie Crypto Rewards, Retainly will completely disrupt the Loyalty Marketing Space.

  • How does Retainly make money?

    Currently Retainly charges a subscription fee to access its platform. Retainly also has revenue sharing agreements with major email delivery service providers and SMS service providers. Once the Collie platform is ready, Retainly will start paying its customers back for using the platform, instead add a small transaction charge on the Rewards payment and redemption. Retainly's customers are online merchants who will be able to incorporate Gamification into their applications. These merchants in turn have millions of customers whom they will reward with RETN tokens. So by acquiring 1 customer, Retainly will get 1 million RETN Coin holders. This will only multiply with every customer acquisition.

  • Who will buy RETN tokens?

    We ​​are ​f​ocused ​​on ​t​hree ​​audiences: 1. Traditional ​​blockchain ​​audience. 2. Institutional ​i​nvestors. 3. Online Businesses.

  • When ​​will ​​the ​​tokens ​​start ​​trading ​​on ​​crypto ​​exchanges? Which ​​crypto​​exchanges ​​will ​​be​​ chosen?

    We have shortlisted 2 Global Exchanges and 1 Indian Exchange for listing RETN. The Listing will be live around 10th April 2018. Official News prior to launch will be circulated.


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