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Adaptive Machine Learning perfectly applied

Retainly's Adaptive Machine Learning Algorithms will help you identify your Best Customers or the Worst Customers. It will help you take informed automated decisions to boost your MRR by bringing back Churned customers.

Dynamic Segmentation

Customers can automatically move from one segment to another based on their behaviour & events.

Customer Engagement Score & Rank

Proprietary algorithms automatically generate the CES and Rank helping you to take instant informed decisions.

Behavioural Targeting

Send automated targeted messages using email, SMS, Push or In-app based on customer's behaviour.

Identify customers not logged in for a period range.

Using simple dynamic filters, track customers who have not logged in, or who have not generated revenue, or who have low session counts. Every possible scenario limited to your imagination alone.

Automatically add them into Segments

These filtered customers can be automatically added to Segments or they can be Tagged. Based on your filter- Static or Dynamic property of your customer - your segment is always fresh and real-time.

Create a Drip Campaign to encourage customers to return to your app.

Easily create Time Delayed Sequence of Emails, SMS, Push Notifications for the Segments or micro segments (Tags) you have created, and encourage your customers to return back to your website.

Monitor and Track the revenue growth customer wise - LTV.

Use Retainly's tracking script to even monitor purchase by your customers. Track every customer's Engagement Score, Rank or even their LTV (Live Time Value).

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This looks very cool and like great value for money. Particularly living for the Medium CTA. This is amazing actually! I will be sharing it with my art blogging community too.

Tese Omesan
CEO and Storyteller, The Black TCK

I like the copy "Convert without the kit". Nice shot at your competitor. 

Deandre Durr
Growth Hacker

Looks very interesting, when shall we expect and eCom specific release?

Firas Steitiyeh
General Manager, CashBasha

Looks like I would give it a shot. Pricing looks fair. Love you support AWS, you might want to check Postmark too! :)

Christian Grobmeier
Software Guy. Grobmeier Solutions

Best Email Marketing of the Week Retainly Marketing Automation's Beta 

Bill McCloskey
Godfather of Email Marketing

Retainly You Rock!

Dwayne Pyle
Create Freedom Online

The best email marketing automation ever! 

Maxence Rose

Retainly Email marketing will dominate 2017

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California, US

Understand your Customers Better, take Informed Decisions

Retainly provides you with micro details of your lead's and customer's behaviour & traits. Program the Bot to take informed decisions based on these behaviours. 

  • Engagement Score

    Proprietary algorithm to automatically generate a customer engagement score based on their actions and events on your application.

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  • Rank

    Proprietary algorithm to generate a unique rank for each of your leads and customers based on their engagement with your business.

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  • Segment and Engage

    Use Engagement Score and Rank to Micro Segment your Leads and Customers. Engage them for higher conversion, Cross-Sell or Up-Sell.

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