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Lead Generation & Tracking

Early stage companies face their first challenge in generating more leads, and then subsequently tracking them automatically. 

This solution provides all the tools to effectively multiply lead generation, track the leads automatically, know more about their Leads, identify highly engaged leads, interact with leads using Live Chat.

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Lead Tracking JS Script

Powerful JS Tracking Script to automatically capture leads from any form in your website or blog. Also connect your customer sources from Mixpanel, Woopra, Intercom, WordPress, etc. 

WordPress Optin Forms

Beautiful Optin Email Subscription Forms for your WordPress Blog. 100+ Designs. Social Lock included. Subscriber information gets automatically inserted into your selected List/Segment.

Content Upgrade with Promo Box

Provide embedded content upgrade in between your posts or anywhere in your website. Increase email subscribers by 10 times. 

Lead Generation with Notif

Display Genuine Signups, Subscriptions and Purchases on your Website to instantly create an anxiety for your website visitors. Helps you increase your Lead Generation 20 times. 

Engagement Score

Every contact generates an engagement score that predicts conversion or churn. Helps you quickly identify leads and customers with higher chances of conversion or drop out. 

Rich Contact View

Every Lead expands into a rich contact view that shows detailed demographics, events, Rank, campaign statistics, and many more useful information.

Lead Event & Behaviour Tracking

Easily track what your leads and customers are doing on your website and app. 

Live Chat Beta

Slack integrated Live Chat to generate and convert more leads. Also support your existing customers easily.  Know More.

Lead Nurture & Conversion

When you have started generating sufficient Leads, you next concern is how to convert them. Nurture and Engage your leads using multi-channel communication blasts and automatic Drip Marketing Campaigns using eMail, SMS, Push & In-App Notifications.

Get all features of Lead Generation plus more.

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Blast Campaigns

Sent Blasts of Email, SMS, Push and In-App Notifications to All your contacts, or selective contacts from Segments/Lists. Include and Exclude Tags for Micro-Segmentation.

Drip Campaigns

Nurture your Leads using automated Drip Campaigns. Map your Drip Campaigns to selected Lists/Segments. Create Static and Dynamic Segments that automatically move your contacts based on behaviour. 

Template Designer

Design beautiful Email Templates, SMS Templates, Push Notification Templates, and In-App Templates. 

Campaign Analytics

Detailed Campaign analytics both at a global marketing performance level and at micro campaign, Segment Level. Gain more visibility to improve your digital marketing. 

Customer Retention

Advanced Stage companies are worried about customer churn rates, and are always attempting to cross-sell and up-sell to their existing customers.

Send real-time behavioural marketing campaigns to activate your dormant customers, guide them for improved customer success, and cross-sell/up-sell to multiply your revenues. 

All features of Lead Conversion plus more.

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  • Customer Retention

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    $19 / Month
Tracking Events

Track Custom Events of your customers using Retainly's powerful tracking script. Create any event you need based on your business and application. 

Advanced Condition Triggers

Multi-level condition formatting to suit any possible scenarios. Easy to use and designed for non-developers. 

Behavioural Marketing

Send automated trigger communications to your contacts based on your custom conditions and tracking events. 


Send behaviour driven notifications using any or all of available channels of communication. Email, SMS, Push Notifications, and In-app notifications.

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    “We’ve been using Retainly to automatically engage our Leads and contacts. Needless to say we’re hugely impressed by the efficiency and value.”
    Chris Acebu
    Digital Marketing Strategy Expert — Philippines
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    “Retainly is the easiest Marketing Automation tool I have ever used. I especialy liked the contacts filtering and Dynamic Segmentation of Leads. Notif is a blessing and has increased my website conversions drastically.”
    Garima Ojha
    Marketing Strategist — Gurgaon, India
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    "Retainly has been a massive plus for my online business — I can now show live notifications of signups that has increased my website Lead Generation.”
    Lorenzo Gonzalez
    Digital Marketing Professional — Miami, United States

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