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    Retainly has ready integration with FullContact.
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    Paste your API Key

    Just copy your API key from FullContact and paste in your Retainly Account.

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    Enrich Contacts with a Click

    Retainly allows you to select the contacts that you intend to get a better insight about.

Know more about the people who matter most

Enriching your contacts in Retainly even helps you automatically understand their Interest Areas. You can then better understand them, segment them, and send better relevant communications. 

What can you do with FullContact Integration?

Customer Personas

FullContact returns the various interests of every contact in your account. These interests contribute towards building a customer persona automatically.

Auto Contact Tagging

Your Retainly account automatically creates new Tags and puts all contacts with similar interest in one basket.

Send Communications with High Relevancy

Now that you know your customers/leads interests, and that they are automatically tagged, send them communications based on their interests. Increase your email open rates, increase your lead engagement, and increase your lead conversion. 

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