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Viral Waitlist Campaign Tool

If you are planning to launch a new product, this is what you need.

In four simple clicks start collecting early bird signups and put them into a waitlist. Incentivise them to share their referral links to reduce their wait time. 

*Cash Incentives with Cryptocurrency coming soon 


Milestone Based Referral Rewards

You can start a referral campaign to reward those who bring new customers for you.

Milestone based rewards motivate your affiliates to bring more and more customers for higher and better incentives. Design your milestones with just a few clicks.

*Cash Incentives with Cryptocurrency coming soon 

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    “We’ve been using Retainly to automatically engage our Leads and contacts. Needless to say we’re hugely impressed by the efficiency and value.”
    Chris Acebu
    Digital Marketing Strategy Expert — Philippines
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    “Retainly is the easiest Marketing Automation tool I have ever used. I especialy liked the contacts filtering and Dynamic Segmentation of Leads. Notif is a blessing and has increased my website conversions drastically.”
    Garima Ojha
    Marketing Strategist — Gurgaon, India
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    "Retainly has been a massive plus for my online business — I can now show live notifications of signups that has increased my website Lead Generation.”
    Lorenzo Gonzalez
    Digital Marketing Professional — Miami, United States

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